Morehead Expansion



From 2017 to 2021, countless hours were spent fulfilling the long term dream of our late owner Wayne Cook. Mr. Cook envisioned a return to beautiful, new five star suites in the Morehead building.

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The Morehead Building was built in 1900 with a beautiful corner cupola, bay windows, and plentiful detail. Unfortunately, the fashion of architectural detail changed significantly. In 1940, the building was scraped clean of the cupola, bay windows and all the attendant detail.

The expansion features details such as beautiful black millwork, natural lighting and antique furnishings. Guests have raved about our new stunning Broadway Suite that features a full kitchen, black walnut burl cabinetry, white marble countertops; and a walk in circular cupola on the corner which provides a beautiful panoramic view over downtown Chico. The accommodations are fully accessible to all guests. 


The newly constructed Diamond Hotel in the 1900's. 

Renovation to remove the cupola in 1940. 

1940 - 2018: attempt at "modernization"


We strived to restore the building to its original stature.


Artists rendition of the Morehead expansion.  

Finished product

Whether you are coming for business or pleasure Hotel Diamond offers warm inviting hospitality to fit your needs. We have made every effort to revive the elegance of this nostalgic structure, and create the finest boutique hotel in Northern California. We invite you to visit our 15 luxurious new rooms and suites.